The UNIBAS-DiCEM Group is involved in following tasks:

  •  valorisation of recycled of agricultural biomasses and byproducts for compost production;
  •  analyses of carbon fluxes in agricultural systems by isotopic approach and soil respiration measurements;
  • construction of multichannel automatic respiration systems and production of software for olive mill wastewater management and composting processes;
  • geophysical surveys (EMI, ERT) of agricultural systems;
  • LCA and energy analysis of orchards production systems.
  • The activities include also the effective transfer of sustainable technologies to farmers in collaboration with the regional extension services of Basilicata (ALSIA) and Campania Regions.

The UNIBAS group has been involved in the following National and European projects, dealing with the area of the proposal:

  • LIFE11 ENV/GR/942 – OLIVE-CLIMA - Introduction of new olive crop management practices focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Subcontractor EU Funds
  • BIOCOMPOST Project - Innovation and management in biological agriculture: on-farm composting and soil application of compost and compost TEA";  (Funding Campania Region PSR 2007-2013)
  • FISR MESCOSAGR - Sustainable methods for organic carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. (Funding Italian Ministries of Environment and Agriculture).
  • COMPOST ON-FARM Project. Set up of "on farm" composting systems for green compost  production and its use for the recovery and maintenance of soil fertility in intensive horticultural agro-ecosistems  (Funding Campania Region).
  • PRIN project 2008 Analysis of carbon cycle in orchard systems under micro irrigation practice for Mediterranean semi-arid environment - methodological aspects