The Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Environment, Food, Agro-ecosystems and Innovative Materials  (CERMANU), located in the Department of Agriculture of University of Napoli Federico II, involve  two  working-groups  for  "Soil  Environment"  and  "Structural  and  Functional  Biology"  devoted to the characterization and dynamics of organic matter in the environment and to the analysis of plant-soil system interactions and ecosystem studies. The research activity include also the following tasks:

  • analyses of agricultural and forest ecosystems,
  • interactions of agro-ecosystems with and anthropogenic pollutants and agrochemicals and development of sustainable remediation technologies,
  • analytical traceability of agricultural products,
  • recycling of agricultural biomasses, innovative SOM managements for organic carbon sequestration in agricultural soils and  control of greenhouse gases emissions from agro-ecosystems.

In the last five years the CERMANU has been involved in the following projects concerning the area of the proposal:

  • Regional project PSR-Campania "Biocompost - Innovation and management in biological agriculture: on-farm composting and soil application of compost and compost TEA"; 
  • Coordinating partnership for the National project on "Sustainable methods for the sequestration of organic carbon in agricultural soils" (FISR-MESCOSAGR) funded jointly by the Ministers of Research, Agriculture, and Environment of Italy; 
  • National representative partner in the European Project "ANAEE-Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems";
  • Partnership in European Project "BIOFECTORS Resource Preservation by Application of BIOefFECTORS in European Crop Production".