ALSIA - ALSIA -Lucana Agency For Development And Innovation In Agriculture

ALSIA (Lucan Agency of Innovation and Development in Agriculture) is the operational tool of Basilicata Region Institution for the agri-food systems, with responsibility for the management of the Agricultural Development Services. Tasks and organization of the Agency were established by Regional Regulations LR n. 38/96, as subsequently integrated by the Regional Regulations nn. 21/98, 61/00 and 29/01.The Agency has an important role as well as connecting element in the primary sector of the actions made ​​by each of the structural components of the system in Luke about the Agricultural Development Services.

The main tasks of the Agency are the following:

  • carry-out specific advice, training and transfer services for farmers aimed to the modernization, upgrading and development of agricultural activities in order to  increase production, enhance the quality of products and reduce the use of pesticides;
  • provide support and services for the optimization in the utilization of water resources and  irrigation systems, product's traceability, and biological control of crop diseases.
  • implement and participate to Regional, National and EU projects in the field of research, experimentation and commercial promotion of agricultural products, geographic information systems, acquisition of patents and/or know-how which promotes the innovation in the production processes of agricultural holdings;
  • promote the increasing use of biotechnology in the production processes and the valorization of Regional products, and provide technical assistance to support organization and marketing models based on the quality certification systems for agricultural processes and products innovation
  • provide the management of Demonstrative Experimental Farms, based in Aliano, Gaudiano, Matera, Melfi, Metaponto, Villa d'Agri, Fussy and Rotonda, through which it carries out  research, experimentation and dissemination activities.